God said: “The LORD speaks to His people.” (An IMPORTANT Word from God given on 6/6/15) (Tribulation) (End Times)

(Image: Ancient Babylon. Source. See the end.)


God said: “The LORD speaks to His people.” (Word from God given on 6/6/15)

A message of great importance for the Church. This message is for all those who identify themselves as Christians. I tested this message with the test of the spirits found in 1 John 4:1-4. I encourage you to seek God about this message and about what God wants you to know.

GOD said these words:


(Photo: Babylon, Iraq. Source.)

“My children, I am the LORD your God and I am speaking to you. I have a message for you. Your world is coming to an end and all you have known will be taken from you: your job, your house, your car, and all your livelihood. Your lives will change drastically in the near future. Do not cling onto the world, for if you do, you will sink in deep water. The world has its grip on many of you and many of you do not know how powerful it attracts you away from Me, and how it sinks its teeth into you.

My children, do not let the world overcome you: overcome the world through My Son Jesus Christ, and I will reward you in Heaven and you shall experience My Presence better. You shall experience true joy and peace, which no man shall take from you.

You are living in the days just prior to the Tribulation spoken of in Daniel and in the Book of Revelation. The seven seals shall soon be broken and the four horsemen of judgment shall be released. [See end note.] The rider of the white horse is coming to your country and you shall experience My judgment in your cities and in your land. 

(Photo: Tribulation. Source.)

Your cities shall become dissatisfied with your government and unrest shall increase, and the love of many shall grow cold. I have warned you of this before in My Holy Word, and now it shall come to pass, and now you shall see My mighty hand of judgment upon your land, and upon your fields, and upon your forests, and upon your strongholds, and upon your cities, and upon your lakes and rivers and streams and coasts; none shall survive. All shall surely be taken down and destroyed: I the LORD have spoken.

But, you My people, if you will seek Me, if you will turn from your idols, and if you will humble yourselves before Me and obey My voice and instructions, you shall be delivered from it all and I shall bring you to places of safety where I shall provide for your needs, but you need to seek Me with all of your hearts about this and obey Me in what I tell you to do.

Your leaders have sold your country to the Chinese and Russians, and your dollar is about to collapse, but before that happens, you will experience greater calamities and disasters in your country and in your world, and you will see My fierce wrath against the wicked poured out upon the land, and upon the cities, and upon the water: for I am a Jealous God, and I shall not continue to allow America to go on in its wayward course of rebellion, pride, and iniquity.

For, I, the LORD your God, have spoken and I shall accomplish all I have set out to do. I shall judge your land also for its strengthening of Israel’s enemies, and its weakening of its support to Israel, whom I have called out to be My peculiar people and My chosen nation above all the nations of the earth. They are My peculiar treasure and all who touch them touch the apple of My eye. Therefore, thus says the LORD, whose name is Holy, I shall judge your land and destroy it, and it shall cease to be a nation, and shall become a reproach to all the world, for its rebellion against Me and its pride.

(Photo: Obama meets with Netanyahu. Source.) 

Your country once knew My name, but it turned away from Me and became My enemy, and so, I had to fight against it, tearing down its strongholds and breaking its pride, but it has refused to repent. It has only increased its wickedness, and doubled its transgression, and iniquity, and pride. You shall hear your leaders come against Israel and you shall see My judgment to follow.

Seek Me, and you shall find Me if you search for Me with all of your heart. I am turning My back on America because America has turned her back on Me, and I shall judge this nation with judgment you have never dreamed of, for I the LORD have spoken it. Come to Me, and trust in Me, and make Me your God. Put away your idols and be a holy people to Me, and I shall indeed be your God and shall not turn away from you, for I, the LORD, have spoken it.

Come to Me and I will bless you, My people. I love you and want you to be in My heavenly kingdom, for I love you very much and I want you to know that you are dear to Me.

And, I, the LORD your God, have spoken.”


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END NOTE: Revelation chapter 6 (Revelation 6) shows the first four seals unleashed. These four seals release four horsemen who go forth to judge the earth. These seals are broken open by the Lamb, Jesus Christ, who is mentioned in Revelation 5 as being the only One who is worthy to open the seals. The white horse God spoke of in this word is going to be released upon America. The other horses will follow prior to the Tribulation beginning. I encourage you to seek God about this. Let Him be your Strength. 


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