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Robin Williams, Hollywood and Demon Possession: The Untold Story

(Source: http://thepropheticnews.com/

"I’m going to expose something within this article that needs to be exposed, and that is the reality of demonic possession within Hollywood and the entertainment industry. One of Hollywood’s biggest secrets is the fact that within the film industry, there is an undercurrent of spiritual darkness that not only is capturing the hearts and lives of many a talented individual, but that same darkness is making inroads into the lives of some of the biggest names in film and television." (Read more at Christopher Gregory's website.)

Billy Graham Exposed: One-World Aspirations

(Sourcehttp://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Wolves/billy_graham-freemason.htm )

"He is on public record supporting homosexuality, abortion, his disbelief in a literal hell [which is where we are now -100777.com], his support and practice of infant baptism to save children, his support for the Catholic church's worship of Mary (yet he calls himself a Protestant). He has repeatedly praised infidels and apostates as great Christians. He actively supported the American government policy to fight the Vietnam War. He would not challenge the idea that the Bible is mythology, when directly questioned. The deception doesn't stop with the Protestants, Catholic supporters have been kept in the dark about his abortion views. The deception goes way beyond Protestant, Catholic beliefs.

The fact that he is a priest shows that he does not work for God." (Read more here.)

Ben 10 and Other Kid's Cartoons Exposed

In a world of animated creatures, "epic" battles, and "sci-fi" drama, we find our kids' imaginations drawn into the surreal, make-believe world of TV cartoons. One in particular has grown to such popularity that it has existed for over a decade (12 years since 2005) and has gained fans around the world. Its franchise has gained billions of dollars in sales worldwide. This popular cartoon show airing on Cartoon Network is Ben 10. [...] 

So, why should this cartoon be concerning? If you are a parent, you need to know what your children are watching and what the TV is teaching them. ...

( Read more here. )

Next Major War Looming 

(Source: https://www.swrc.com/prophetic-observer.html)

'In Matthew 24, Jesus answered His disciples with signs they could expect to see as the end of the world approached. In verse 3, the disciples asked this question, “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming?” In the following verses He spoke of the coming wars and how all the nations of the world would be in conflict. We have been in this mode for some time now. The following is taken from an article in the Wall Street Journal (12/4/14, p. A13). Like a soon approaching storm, the article describes that the thunder is booming and the fury is looming. This secular article, entitled “Ancient Elements Point to Large War Looming,” unknowingly perhaps gives us a blow-by-blow description of why and where we are today in relation to the end of the age described in Matthew 24.”' (Read more here.)

The Megabanks Are Ready to Crumble: Are You Prepared?

(Source: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/02/20/megabanks-ready-crumble-prepared/ )

"... Since the $18 trillion dollar debt, the $240 trillion dollar unfunded liabilities and the $1.5 quadrillion dollar derivatives debt, the all-time low ratings of the Baltic Dry Index, the massive amounts of food on the docks of several of our ports, the fact that the Trans Pacific Partnership is poised to seize control of both the US economy and the political process in America means nothing to the flocks of sheep in this country, perhaps there is a another number which will capture the attention of these people. The number is $80 trillion dollars.

The United States taxpayer is on the hook to..." [Read more here.]

The Real Witchcraft of Narnia Exposed - Narnia's Occult Agenda

When C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia, was he intending to publish children's books that promote witchcraft? Why do we ask that question? 

The Narnia books have magic portrayed as both "good" and "bad" magic; a wizard; a "white" witch; magic spells; pagan gods; nymphs; fauns; dryads; dwarfs; Bacchus; and other pagan and occultic elements.

Is this just all make-believe and fantasy? And, what do experienced researchers say about ufos, fairies, and other paranormal creatures?

In this short series, we will show facts about C.S. Lewis and his books that will challenge the belief many hold that ‘C.S. Lewis was a Christian author of good children’s stories and Christian books.’

[Read more here.]

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