God's Love in Hebrew and Greek Words

When a person is born-again, he or she is given a new identity and a new nature, which is by the Holy Spirit dwelling within the Christian after receiving Jesus Christ. This new identity is one of being either a son or a daughter (Galatians 4:6-7). But, due to wrongful beliefs we have had about Abba Father God in the past (which often are due to looking at God through the lens of how our parents were toward us), we Christians tend to see the loving Abba God in the wrong way, even after we are born-again. 

We have posted some articles here to help Christians, and non-Christians, know the truth about God's love, as revealed in Hebrew and Greek Words found in the Bible.

Check them out below. (Right click a link and open it in a new tab.)

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You can also read these articles about God's great, personal, deep, longing, gracious, compassionate, intimate, tender love; fellowship with us; and provision here at this web page.

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